Although women in Australia tend to party all year round, September 1 is the start of Spring and also the official start of the Hens Party Season!  September leaves the chilly winter behind and out comes the sun; the birds frolic and the hens get ready to wed.

September may mean the official start of the Hen Night rampage but that doesn’t mean you can’t hold a
Hens Party throughout the rest of the year.  These days the Hens Season goes all year round, just in the winter months then Hens Dos are usually celebrated inside (Bars, Cottages, Hotels, Houses etc.) where come Spring once it gets warm, ladies are ready to go outside again which means anything and everything can happen!

No matter when your Hens Party is, we have all the Bridal Gifts, Novelty Items and
Hens Party Accessories to make your event one to remember!

Happy Hen Season!