Have you ever played a game of pin the pecker on the dude? Or a game of truth or dare that sets tongues twittering? These are exactly the sorts of things you could do on a classic hens night! After all, men have all of their fun on a buck’s night, so why shouldn’t the ladies have their own share of fun and frolics when it comes to celebrating the bride-to-be and her upcoming married life?

A hens night is meant to be a time for ladies only so that they can hang out with each other, have fun, create memories, and celebrate the impending demise of the single life of their friend, who is about to be married. Being invited to a hen’s night is both an honour and a chance to demonstrate your friendship, but what the ladies get up to is strictly for them to decide!

Ideas for a Hens Night

If you’re organising a hens night for your friend, you’re probably wondering what sorts of activities you can do? To help you out, here are some cool hens party activities:


Truth or dare: Yes, it’s an oldie but a goodie! Truth or dare tends to happen spontaneously after a few rounds of drinks either at home or while out, so be prepared for some wild answers! You can make it as raunchy as you like, with questions like: Where did you first have sex? What is your favourite sexual position?


Games and accessories: Hens night games and activities are nothing without a few choice accessories. How about lipstick in the shape of a penis? Or challenging the girls to a ring toss game where the rings end up on a large plastic pecker! Can you see a theme here?


A Night to Remember

The whole idea is to make it a great night to remember. It may be that your soon-to-be-married friend will never be single again, so make the most of her as your friend and celebrate her being single and free for one last time!