Celebrating the Bride to Be: A Hens Party to Make Her Feel Truly Special

Bachelorette parties usually invoke the image of a large group of women, in various stages of tipsiness, wearing ‘Bride Tribe’ sashes or tattoos, with wine glasses in hand, and going crazy on the town! This “traditional” way of throwing a hens party may not be popular with some women. This is especially true if the bride to be would want to cherish the memories of her hens party, instead of waking up the morning after, having no clue as to what happened the previous night!

Depending on the size of the group, and also the bride’s relationship with the guests, a hens party would have to sometimes be a little different than what it usually is. If the bride has a small circle of very close friends who go way back with her, then she might what a more subdued, intimate and more fulfilling evening that keeps her happiness and her bond with the girls at the centre of the celebrations.

Keeping the bride to be as the focus of the evening, creating moments that will go down in memory as really special times can all be really important for the bride, right before she takes the big step forward.

Here are a few ideas to throw a hens party that can make the bride feel special and loved:

  1. Consult with the bride first: before planning out the elaborate hens party, it is always best to check with the bride on what her preferences might be. Does she want a low key party at home, or does she have any particular destination in mind? How elaborate does she want the night’s activities to be, and would she actually prefer some cheap hens night games that are easily put together but are loads of fun? Getting the bride’s input on such things will make her feel included, and she will look forward to her special night.

  2. Make the bride a time capsule: a time capsule is a small container or box that will contain certain items brought by the bride tribe that invoke nostalgia in the bride, when she opens it up on a later date. Guests can bring small tokens of their love, a receipt from the restaurant they had dinner at that evening, a hens party accessory they loved, an item related to some childhood event or memory they share with the bride etc. These are put together in the time capsule and hidden or buried, and opened a few years later. This would be a nice surprise gift for the bride.

  3. Revisit a childhood haunt or activity: if the group consists mainly of friends from high school or sometime in the bride’s past, then it would great to recreate a moment or activity that the group particularly enjoyed in the past. Having a sundae in that particular ice cream shop, watching an old movie they all enjoyed together in their teens, or hanging out in their favourite mall. These moments will bring back so many memories and will make new ones too!