A bachelorette party, otherwise known as a Hens Party, is your last chance you will have to celebrate your single life with your friends before you take the plunge. Opting to use creative Hens Party invitations is the best way to get your party started on the right track. Lots of choices help you cater invites to your own personality and party.


Sending invitations is the first step in planning a Hens party. Whether you are planning one for yourself or your best friend, it is important to customize everything to the guest of honour and her preferences. Making it all about her will really help her feel special and celebrated during her last moments as a single lady. Unique Bachelorette Party invitations make it easy to do this by using a good range of invite possibilities.


There are lots of ideas for Hens Night invites that help make party invitations as unique as the bachelorette. A variety of different options like wine bottle invitations, salon invitations, or invitation CDs help you customize party invites to your favourites so that the party night is memorable right from the beginning.


If the bachelorette loves wine and a wine tour is in place for the evening, use unlabelled wine bottles as invites. Then print the invite as a label for a memorable twist. If you and the girls love dressing up you might get coupons from your favourite salon for a night of glamour and pampering.


If your hen is a musician or simply a musical diva use a musical invitation that expresses her personality through her favourite music. CD invites can easily be made by printing the invitation info on the CD insert. You can burn on it some of the bachelorette’s favourite tunes, which might even serve as a clue to the party theme.


If your hen’s bestie is a tree hugger you can keep things really simple by sending out e-vites. These email invitations reduce the use of paper to help keep the Earth green. Many allow you to easily create beautiful and unique e-vites, personalise them and then email them to all your guests.  It is the simplest way to send invitations in this day and age, they can reach the guests quickly and are extremely cost effective.


In honour of “Hens Night,” you might choose instead to play up this unique name for a bachelorette’s party. Fill baskets with plastic eggs. Write party info on the eggs in permanent marker or in messages inside the eggs and send them out to all the girls.


Get your party started with creative Hens Party invitations. Using your imagination when it comes to invites helps ensure a memorable beginning to an unforgettable evening of celebration and friendship. These special memories will not soon be forgotten by the bride or the friends that help commemorate her last evening as a single.