The hens party is the most exciting event before the big day arrives. The bride and the girls make plans, day in and day out, to have the best time of their lives. In this frenzied planning phase, some party essentials are often overlooked. They may be small but yet very significant for a night with no dramas. 

Let us find out about what trivial things go into making a hens weekend a super hit.

A Basic Survival Kit

Very few survive the pomp of a hens party with no hiccups! From aspirin for headache to safety pins for wardrobe malfunctions, a survival kit can contain anything to make the evening a pleasant one. Some extra cash can also be carried along to handle any unexpected situations. Other elements that may be considered for a survival kit are plasters, pain killer sprays, phone chargers and a bottle of water.

Flat and Comfortable Shoes

A sexy outfit often demands a matching pair of stilettos! But comfortable shoes are important to take the girls through a night of crazy dancing and running around. Remember the walk gets wobbly at the end of the night and you need shoes that can handle the show well.

A Fully Charged Mobile Phone

From clicking great pictures of the night to making emergency phone calls, the mobile phone is a must for the night. Ensure that no fun party moment is missed just because your phone battery was drained.