Food and Fun at a Bachelorette Bash

Getting geared up to plan a hens party for your best friend? Unless you plan to host the event at a hotel’s private bar or a pub near you, you will have to plan the food and entertainment. If the bride has left everything up to you, you have a fun, but tough job ahead of you. This write-up talks to you about the types of food served in addition to some special hens night activities at such a bash, to help you throw the perfect soiree.


Frequently played Games

Once you deck the bride up with fun sashes or veils, you must proceed to play a peppy game. The most common one is truth or dare where the ladies spill their secrets. They are also dared to do a dance, strip to the music or even come dressed in their sexiest lingerie. Kiss the bride is another popular game, where the bride goes around collecting pennies for a kiss; this usually happens at a bar or a pub where there are gentlemen to oblige the bride.

Needless to say, all these games are designed to be fun to do and even more fun to watch


The Grub at Such a Bash

Frequently convened at the maid of honour’s home or a convenient party spot, these events have a whole host of erotic food. Some offer wiener shaped brownies and others bring dildo shaped candy to the table that needs to be sucked by the bride. The point of such treats is to embarrass the soon-to-be bride.

These events usually give out party favours after hens night activities to give the guests something to remember about the night. Penis shaped pasta, wiener lollipops or even edible pecker cakes are acceptable offerings sent out by most brides.