Most men love to fantasise about hens parties assuming that women indulge in alcohol, chocolates and get naughty with each other. While some hens night ideas may include male strippers, topless waiters and other forms of naughty entertainment, most parties start out much tamer. Read on to find out what happens at a not so raunchy bachelorette bash.


A Laid-Back Evening

You may not find a lot of drunk and sex-crazed women running about at such events. Most of the time women take the evening to spend quality time with their friends and to catch up with them. It is exactly what the bride needs after a stressful week of wedding planning or even dieting. The bride may have invited her closest pals or even her sisters-in-law in hopes to get to know them better.


About the Fun

It may not include strippers, but even a tame bride will surely have drunken games and dares. Sure there are raunchy parties with sexy dares, but some brides simply want a quiet evening with their friends in which case you can have tame dares which are still a lot of fun.


For Demure Brides

Usually older women or those who are marrying again, these women opt for a tea-party style theme. However, even at such events you can certainly find booze that most frequently includes champagne. Strawberry desserts and even chocolate fountains are perfect for such soirees. Pretty decorations, lots of confetti and some well dressed women are what you can expect at these bridal showers. They quiz the bride about her fiancé with questions designed to bring out her sexual past.

The guests are sure to enjoy these as they help people explore their wild-side. If you are planning a lovely bash, then look for hens night ideas to make the evening more enjoyable for the bride and her friends.