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  1. Get Your Hens Party Started with Hilarious Hens Night Games

    Hens Night GamesA hens party can be as much fun as your big day and hens night games are the must to break the ice and get the party started. Often, you would have a variety of guests of different age groups at your hens night event and some may not have even met each other before. So, to ensure that your hens party is filled with loads of fun and laughter, we’ve given you a collection of cheap hens night games for your hens party.

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  2. Check Out the Hot Deals from the Best Hens Party Shop

    Hot Deals from the Best Hens Party Shop

    Planning to celebrate your "last fling before the ring" in the most fun fashion way? Make your hens party memorable and fun with some gorgeous Hens Party decorations, Hens party supplies, accessories, games, prizes, and more. From themed party supplies to decorative sashes, the hens party supplies from a leading hens party shop, make your hens party truly spectacular.

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  3. Party Out of the Box: 3 MORE Unusual Hens Party Ideas!

    party out of the box: 3 more unusual hens party ideas!

    As wedding season nears, you start getting out your best party dresses and dancing shoes in anticipation of all the hens parties you will inevitably be invited to. You expect each party to be almost the same trope, with all the “tried-and-true” methods that stopped being fun a long time ago. When it’s your turn to throw a hens party for your BFF, you decide that you are going to do something different!

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  4. Party Out of the Box: 3 Unusual Hens Party Ideas!

    Party Out of the Box: 3 Unusual Hens Party Ideas!

    Are you looking to throw the hens party that will be talked about for the rest of the year? Are you so done with the usual dinner, drinks and the mindless dancing in bars? Has your bride to be friend ‘seen it all and frankly quite exasperated with the whole hens party thing’? Then you need to do some of that proverbial thinking out of the box, and throw a party that is unexpected and unusual! Incorporate some fun and innovative activities, throw in some unusual bachelorette party supplies, and a lot of food and drinks and you’re good to go!

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  5. Celebrating the Bride to Be: A Hens Party to Make Her Feel Truly Special

    Celebrating the Bride to Be: A Hens Party to Make Her Feel Truly Special

    Bachelorette parties usually invoke the image of a large group of women, in various stages of tipsiness, wearing ‘Bride Tribe’ sashes or tattoos, with wine glasses in hand, and going crazy on the town! This “traditional” way of throwing a hens party may not be popular with some women. This is especially true if the bride to be would want to cherish the memories of her hens party, instead of waking up the morning after, having no clue as to what happened the previous night!

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  6. How to Host a Murder Mystery Themed Hens Party

    How to Host a Murder Mystery Themed Hens Party

    What are hens parties without the games? Having a bunch of activities that are creative, and can involve every guest is a key part of the hens party. However, it is hard to come up with fun games that everyone can join in, without bringing out the predictable ones that are overdone and that the bride herself may not enjoy.

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  7. How to Throw a Beach-themed Bachelorette Party

    How to Throw a Beach-themed Bachelorette Party

    As bachelorette party themes go, a sure hit is the beach-themed bachelorette party. Who doesn’t like to take a trip down to the beach? What with the stress of planning a wedding, and having a thousand different things to worry about, what your bestie needs is a relaxing day at the beach. The sun, the sand and sipping margaritas can’t hurt, especially right before she takes the big plunge herself! Throw in some fun bachelorette party games, and your memorable beach themed party is so on!

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  8. Bachelorette Parties: What’s Trending in 2018?

    Bachelorette Parties: What’s Trending in 2018

    The bachelorette party has evolved a lot over the years. Earlier, the bride to be had limited options, with a night out with the ladies involving a lot of drinking, visiting a male stripclub, and donning tacky accessories. For those who were not excited at the prospect of a sweaty night in a bar and a terrible hangover the next morning, they had to make do with a low profile dinner at a fancy restaurant.

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  9. 4 Reasons to Plan an Autumn Wedding in Australia

    4 Reasons to Plan an Autumn Wedding in Australia

    Spring and summer are most often the popular choices of Australian couples, when they are planning their wedding date. Of course, the pleasant sunshine, the flowers in full bloom, the warm weather are all major deciding points, when it comes down to it. However, the autumn season in Australia is often overlooked as a perfect choice for a wedding.

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  10. How to Pick Your Bride Tribe

    hens party ideas

    As a bride to be, you are probably still ecstatic about the fact that you got engaged! Now there are all the arrangements to be made, and you have to pick the dress, set the date and oh so many things to do. Before you start drawing up your ‘To Do’ list you need to think about that all important task of picking your bride tribe! You may have a large group of friends, but ultimately you have to make the tough choice of picking only a few of your friends to stand alongside you when you say ‘I Do’ on your big day.

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